ALA EGS is off and Running (For office) and Riding (the pony)!

Monday was a busy day filled with committee meetings, county meetings, and party caucuses and some where in the middle of all the work something magical starts to happen-The citizens make new friends and a love for all things ALA EGS is born. Take a look at some of Monday’s activity highlights!

POW/MIA Ceremony

Representatives from each county participated in our POW/MIA ceremony lead by the ALA EGS Americanism Chairman Maureen Morgan. The POW/MIA table will remain in place throughout our week at ALA EGS.

Committee Meetings

Each county sends representatives to a committee to represent their interests as they work to write two pieces of legislation. This years committees focused on topics such as :
-Criminal Justice
-Educational Technology
-Environmental Conservation
-Homeland Security

Each Committee worked to elect a Chair and a Vice Chairman before getting to work!

Party Caucuses Night 1

Today was also our first day in Party Caucus! At the Party Caucus the first order of business is to establish the majority party by a count and then appoint a Secretary. This is done by the Party Advisors. The 2022 Party Advisors are Terri Wallace (Nationalists) and Lucille Mozzillo (Federalists). Nominations for Party secretary were received via a written self nomination process. Following this 9 citizens gave speeches in hopes of becoming their Party Leader for the entire Party. This position will run Tuesday night’s party caucus as we work to elect the party nominees for Attorney General, Comptroller, Lt. Governor and Governor. Congratulations to the 2022 ALA EGS Winners!

Pony Riding 101

A tradition dating back more than 20 years at ALA EGS has been to fill some downtime while waiting for the flag ceremonies to start with a fun game called ride the pony. This year, the counselors provided pony riding lessons on day 1 and off the girls rode into a circle of laughter and fun. Take a peak at one of the pony riding sessions that we have already had this week!

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