Prioritize the Important over the Urgent…

ALA EGS is Important

Happy Tuesday from American Legion Auxiliary Empire Girls State (ALA EGS)! 

To many of the returning staff, the familiarity of the crazy ALA EGS schedule has really made us reflect on the last couple of years. Of course the whole world had to adjust to an unprecedented pandemic and try to maintain essential services. Those who have not experienced this program may not have considered ALA Girls State to be essential, but the dedicated ALA EGS staff decided that it was. We knew that those girls who joined us for the virtual sessions deserved to develop leadership skills and life long friendships just like every other high school junior has had for decades. We did what we had to do and we’re glad we had the chance.  And while the virtual program gave us all the feels, we like so many of you during than pandemic missed the in person camaraderie that just couldn’t happen in a virtual zoom or google classroom session.

Nonetheless being back feels amazing! Of course we’re all staying healthy and protecting each other so that we can continue to enjoy the week, but for the most part it’s just another wonderful year at Girls State.

The staff is goofy.

That girls are passionate.

and the laughs are plentiful.

Our guest speaker today talked about prioritizing the important over the urgent. And ALA Empire Girls State is very important! For the staff, this is our chosen family. We hope that the girls leave here with the same sense of pride and inclusion that we all have been able to enjoy over the many years of successful Girls State programs. By the looks of it so far, I’m willing to bet they will!

With EGS Love,

Claire Herrman
ALA EGS Class of 2011
Guest Blogger

One thought on “Prioritize the Important over the Urgent…

  1. Speaking strictly as an observer I can state with all honesty that this program is life-changing. My daughter, this blogger, would not be the person she is today without it. She decided after experiencing girls’ state in 2011 that she would continue to give back and pay it forward. Every year she returns, without fail. Originally as a counselor, then as the program’s nurse. Although I have never personally experienced the red, white and blue insanity, the tearful goodbyes, or the lifelong friendships that have developed, I have enjoyed 11 years worth of amazing stories and seen the benefits of experiencing this wonderful program. Congrats to all the staff and kudos for the hard work you do every year. Have fun girls ….make the most of your week together–if you do it right, it’ll last a lifetime!


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