36 Speeches + 2 Platforms = 1 Busy Day at ALA EGS

Guest Speakers

Our Tuesday started with a guest speaker from the Army! SFC Denise Puskar started her career with the ARMY RESERVE in 1987 as a Senior in Kensington High school where she went to Basic Training at Fort Dix, NJ. She held 3 military occupational skills Administrative Logistics and Instructor. She then decided to become an Active Guard Reserve RECRUITER.in 2007. She has been stationed in Buffalo Columbus , Cleveland Ohio and Erie PA. She has trained and traveled all over the country. She is the first Woman Commander of the Fredonia Memorial Post 59 in 103 years. Today she inspired the attendees to remember to work hard, and prioritize what is important vs what is urgent. She also reminded citizen’s that democracy is about the great good and as woman we need to step up and take leadership roles that women deserve to be in.

American Flag Retirement

Pocket Flags

The Pocket Flag Project was conceived in October 2001 when LuWanda Ford visited with fellow Boy Scout leaders who were veterans of the Vietnam and Gulf Wars. Both Scout leaders carried small, folded flags in their left shirt pockets and shared how important these flags were, and are, to them.

Inspired, Ford adapted the idea into a project for her Cub Scouts to develop patriotism and pride for our country while supporting our military troops. After folding and packaging 100 flags, the Scouts presented them to local Naval Reserve representatives. Her 9-year old son  told an attending reporter that the flags were going “to all the soldiers in the war”. The Pocket Flag Project has since grown into an international non-profit project.

In addition to learning about the U.S. flag and the sacrifices of our military, volunteers fold and package flags to send to our front line and deployed troops. Included with each flag is a card that says: “A flag for your pocket so you can always carry a little piece of home. We are praying for you and we are proud of you. Thank you for defending our country and our freedom.” There is room on each card for volunteer groups to include a personal message or return address for thank you notes.

This year ALA Empire Girls State Citizens learned about this program and folded their own pocket flags that they can use to provide veterans or military members they meet.

Writing Bills…Bills…Bills.

The political instructors worked to interview candidates for the Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the Assembly!

And the Nominees are….

In the party caucuses on Tuesday night 36 girls set out with hopes of securing their party’s nomination for Attorney General, Comptroller, Lt. Governor, or Governor. Each candidate was given two minutes to speak in front of their party Caucus (half of the young ladies that attend the program) and by the end of the night we are down to 4 federalist nominees and 4 nationalist nominees who will square off in town hall debates.

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